INTERSECT311 Apart-Hotel is located within a 4-acre, downtown, mixed-use, re-development offering unique spaces for visitors of Jonesboro to intersect with Jonesboro residents in life, work, and play. The development also offers residential living, a co-work/office space that serves as a support center for entrepreneurs and business travelers, and a 6500 square-foot venue for weddings, concerts, reunions, conferences, and dinners. The property’s first 2 projects occurred at the intersection of Madison and Huntington - the origin of the name. INTERSECT311 Apart-Hotel has 3 locations - 311 S. Madison, which offers 3-bedroom suites; 410 W. Monroe, which offers 2-bedroom suites; and 315 W. Huntington, which offers 1-bedroom studios and suites as well as a coffee shop on the first floor. Owners and managers Heather Walker Clark and Mat Clark have a passion for revitalization and love to re-purpose old buildings into relevant and timeless spaces for the community. Mat and Heather are serial entrepreneurs who live, work, and play in downtown and enjoy making Downtown Jonesboro a place for ALL people.